2nd additive testing: 30,000 kilometres

The next test at 30,000 kilometres was performed on June 1, 2011. By now, the KIA Cee’d had covered 462 hours and 57 minutes of gas-fuelled operation and 40 hours and 26 minutes of gasoline-fuelled operation. When measured, cylinder head temperature was 55°C. In the process it became obvious that the Gaslube Premium with the P 1000 formula additive is not only apt to prevent imminent valve impaction but is even synthesising an appropriate protective layer at some of the outlet valves. In this case, valve clearance was even increasing, though fractionally. Now it was a fact that the test, unbiased as to the result until now, might run its course in a positive way. However, this had to be proved by additional measurements. Dr. Martin Müller, ERC's responsible person for additive composition: „Our intention is that through a continuous application of our additive, after a certain period of time a protective layer shall be synthesised, though even hardly measurable, counteracting imminent valve wear.“ As a proof of these statements the pictures reveal a glimpse on the TÜV Nord PC monitor while selecting the data from the control unit. The picture below shows a TÜV inspector measuring the valve clearance with a feeler gauge and the valve cover open. In order to widely exclude measuring tolerances, measurements were always carried out by the same inspector and the same feeler gauge.