3rd additive test: 45,000 kilometres

After 45,000 kilometres the first reliable data should be available confirming the positive effects of the Gaslube Premium with the P 1000 formula additive in everyday life on the road. Such being the case, the endurance test candidate was re-presented at the TÜV Nord on August 16. In the meantime it had travelled exactly 45,045 kilometres and hadn't been spared on no account whatever. The unfailing Korean was submitted to hours and hours of driving at top speed, traffic jams at a temperature of more than 35°C in Poland and several Alpine passes and all this in gas-fuelled operation. Nevertheless, all these stresses and strains did not affect the valves at all. After a total of 561 hours and 53 minutes of gas-fuelled mode and 57 hours and 49 minutes of gasoline-fuelled operation the TÜV Nord still attested the experimentee best results. Now the valves were starting to synthesise a delicate protective layer in the admission area as measurements executed at the TÜV Nord showed at an engine temperature of 61°C. "Predominantly better than new" the experts delivered judgement unanimously considering the surprisingly favourable results. The photos show the speedometer of the KIA Cee’d just prior to the TÜV- measurement. Even the inspector of the testing organisation carrying out the measurements at the vehicle was surprised about the valve clearance's values.