4th additive test: 50,000 kilometres

An intermediate test due to marketing reasons was executed on 10/13/2011 as ERC had decided to only publish the results when a trial distance had been covered that would permit conclusions indeed with reference to the additive's mode of operation. So, a photograph was taken of the speedometer at 50,000 kilometres to be sure but the actual measurement was done after 54,554 kilometres. All the same, the KIA had been operating with liquefied petroleum gas right from the start but the TÜV measurements started only as from kilometre 3,769. This way, you could always talk about a trial distance of 50,000 kilometres and keep a clear conscience. 796 hours and 40 minutes of gas-fuelled operation and 63 hours and 30 minutes of gasoline-fuelled operation did not leave any significant traces of usage at the generally quite sensitive valves and valve clearances, as the measurement confirmed. A fact indeed, amazing several authorized KIA dealers and that was probably only accepted as the TÜV Nord acted as an impartial measuring authority. The photos show the speedometer after 50,000 kilometres and the TÜV Nord inspector carrying out his by now habitual duty, i. e., the measurement of the valve cclearance.