5th additive test: 60,000 kilometres

Measurement for the distance up to 60,000 kilometres was done within the customary rotation at a mileage of 65,145 kilometres on 12/13/2011. Even after 946 hours and 23 minutes of gas-fuelled operation and 69 hours and 51 minutes of gasoline-fuelled operation the positive tendency continued. The measurement results determined by the TÜV Nord are non-varying compared to previous results, no variations are to be determined. This means nothing else than the synthesised protective layer is protecting permanently valves and valve clearances from damages caused by gas. This holds at least for the distance covered up to now. Present development, however, gives rise to hope, that this tendency will be confirmed in future as well. Meanwhile, KIA Germany has increased the control intervals of the valve clearance for engines fuelled with liquefied petroleum gas again from 15,000 kilometres to 90,000 kilometres, not least due to additional self-tests with an identical additive. Nevertheless, this holds only when applying the adequate additive.