6th additive test: 75,000 kilometres

The tendency already experienced at previous tests is being continued: Even after 75,175 kilometres the valve clearance of the KIA Cee’d during gas-fuelled operation employing the Gaslube Premium with the P 1000 formula additive did not display any alterations any more. The values seem to have stabilized at the best of levels. 1091 hours and 15 minutes with liquefied petroleum gas and 81 hours and 20 minutes with gasoline did not affect in any way the sensitive valves and valve clearances owing to Gaslube Premium as the measurement on 2/20/2012 at the TÜV Nord in Hanover confirmed. Our pictures show the speedometer of the KIA Cee’d when reaching the 75,000 kilometer distance. 175 kilometres afterwards it was re-presented to the TÜV Nord. The data selected from the control unit confirms impressively that the vehicle had been travelling with liquefied petroleum gas indeed. Owing to the sealing by the TÜV Nord manipulations could be excluded.