The initial test

The initial test for the vehicle took place at the TÜV Nord on 12/19/2010. At this time, the KIA Cee’d had covered a distance of 3,769 kilometres, the control unit indicated 53 hours and 17 minutes of gas-fuelled operation and 6 hours and 33 minutes of gasoline-fuelled operation. Cylinder head temperature was 66°C when measured. The pictures which, by the way, you can zoom in when clicking on them, show a view on the monitor of the PC of the TÜV Nord connected to the gas control unit. This way, not only the respective parameters of the control unit might be selected but as well the operating times corresponding to gasoline and gas. Below there is a view on the TÜV Nord testing instructions and, at the end, instruction of the TÜV employees by the local authorized KIA dealer. A sensible way of proceeding is being agreed here.